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Shaping our future for better

In a time marked by the greatest economic, social and environmental challenges of our history, the surface is not the place.

We must dive deep in order to find the strength that allows us to create intentional and urgent trajectories that generate the necessary conditions for a new way of evolving.

Deep tech is about use the power of emerging technologies to catalyze real change through solving meaningful and complex problems that benefits organizations, markets and society.

We are a decentralized-growing team of innovators, developers, engineers, entrepreneurs, designers and data scientists committed to the belief that our work is a synthesis of art, humanity and science.


Selected work that we are proud.

Vai na Web Case

Agility at scale to develop a digital sales workforce management tool for 2 millions of customers.

#cloud #safe #apis #architecture #scale #servicedesign
Robot Case

Digital bots that improve the quality of life and performance of high demanding teams.

#cloud #dataflow #bots #automation #scale
Evasão Case

Artificial intelligence to understand college enrollment or dropout.

#deeplearning #modelling #dataflow
Vai na Web Case

Advanced digital education and enterpreunership inside conflict territories.

#deeplearning #modelling #dataflow
Robot Case

Warming up the ecosystem of startups in poor communities the same way as developed ones.

#sharedvalue #enterpreunership #customerdevelopment #disruption
Bluetooth Case

Rapid prototyping of low energy bluetooth to class attendance list and protect students from moral abuse.

#iot #mobile #designthinking

what we do

This portfolio was designed to function independently, but their combinations are powerful.


Audacity and speed of startups in the form of corporate innovation.



Is the next wave of Innovation, growth and productivity of companies.



Human and artificial intelligence working together to exponentiate positive impacts.


Cloud agility

Fast, scalable and disruptive. Lightweight, flexible and sturdy digital structures to withstand any challenge.