Deep Digital

Innovative solutions that enable organizations to thrive in the digital economy.

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Platform Engineering

The path to business today and tomorrow with greater agility, flexibility and scale.

With an agile team, 1STi carries out its strategy, expanding the physical-digital experience, through architectures and platforms suitable for scalability, with a vision of native and applied AI, enabling market advantages: reaching new business models, markets or new sources of revenue.

Digital Backbones

Accelerate innovations with a foundation of interoperability and digital capabilities.

The Digital Backbones built by 1STi implement a critical mission technology backbone with interoperability, scalability and integrity. We sew a robust technology structure to your DNA, paving the way for your team to develop digital platforms, focused on innovating and creating new capabilities at the necessary speed that adapt to changes and take advantage of market opportunities.

Deep analytics

Extend data analysis to multiply insights for customer intimacy, service value propositions and operational efficiency.

Harness the power of data to create a core of intelligence capable of delving into how to use hyper-relationships and next-generation processing. All your processes connected to an intelligence hub that allows AI to create personalized experiences, optimizing resource allocations and distribution. Continually discover opportunities to develop customer intimacy and experiences, enhancing service value propositions and unlocking operational capabilities and financial efficiencies at scale

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