Binocular: A Deep Tech Long Range View

Binocular: A Deep Tech Long Range View

By Mayhara Nogueira

Long before the James Webb Telescope peered into the early days of the Universe, Galileo Galilei was honing Dutch astronomer Hans Lippershey's optical telescope to reveal what made up our celestial backyard. Lenses, a trivial technology nowadays, helped Galileo prove his heliocentric vision, contributing to an unimaginable human advance and an undeniable scientific revolution. Until now, technology has taught us a lot throughout its evolution; among so many discoveries, it has not only expanded our ability to see deep space, but also provoked an urgent need to use all of our humanity to adapt, better understand the world and ourselves, if we want to go further.

We know that vision shapes not only what we think, but how we think and act. And what we experience alters our perception of reality. Our uncanny ability to create connections between seemingly disconnected ideas and generate new insights and innovation from them is still the key factor, especially in the era of regenerative AI. Everything is born from a great vision, which, combined with the most advanced technologies and purpose, will help us build the next history of humanity. 1STi feels the urgency to contribute to this journey through its pioneering concept, Deep Tech.

Binocular has the purpose of helping our readers to identify the signs of the times and reflect on pioneering themes that touch humanity; from AI to quantum computing, through business, leadership, people to art. We want to encourage the construction of different worldviews so that you can test, experiment and raise the level of solutions for your main business challenges and, consequently, those facing the planet: climate change, health, environment, education, economy , labor market, security, among other relevant issues.

Therefore, our proposal here is not to follow conventional journalism standards or be a technology guru. Reality has proven to be much more complex, demanding much more from all of us. We want to be bridges helping to connect disciplines, experiences and people, using Deep Tech as a guide to help build deep thinking and promote actions that really generate a positive impact on society and the environment.

Therefore, for this new journey, we will bring our readers our shared desirable future, based on unconventional baggage for the market, however of great value for the development of new experiences: arts, humanities and science. Our standard practice will be to provide sorts of reflections and meditations so that you, the reader, wield the correct lenses and find, both outside, but mainly, within yourself, your great vision.

Mayhara Nogueira Piana - Journalist, specialist in corporate communication and people experience. She likes to look at the world from an expanded and interconnected view of reality, analyzing the impacts of technology on society, focusing on philosophy, art and science. He writes the column "Meditations", where he reflects on the challenges of an organization in building more balanced, healthy and productive digital ecosystems.